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Manifest Drama Workshops 2005

The set of four workshops held at the beginning of the year and run by Kerry King (director of our next production 'Oh What A Lovely War'), assisted by Val Taylor, were a great success. The turnout was good and the first session kicked off with some physical and vocal exercises designed to rid us of our daily stresses and get us all relaxed and warmed up.

Some pairs work showing emotions with only one word conversations and then we split into groups to look at a poem and how we could bring over the feel and tone of the words and meaning. A few practices and then each group showed their interpretation. Amazing how many ways you can perform something and give it a different feel.

The following week some role plays which involved a doctor's waiting room and each person portraying, without speaking, who they were and what was wrong with them. Certainly a lot of comedic actors at the Manifest!

Then word games to look at how the delivery of something can show an emotion that the words do not. Try saying "can I borrow your bicycle" to show the feeling of passion! All good fun and even more so trying to work out what the emotion was meant to be.

Pieces of dialogue from the scripts for 'Bouncers' were given out so people could learn for the following week and the next session was a little rehearsal and discussion on how it could be acted.

The final week the pieces were presented to the other group and then each discussed how they thought the other came over and what they might have done differently.

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable set of workshops and everyone seemed to feel they had learnt something - and had good fun.

We're all just waiting for next ones now!

Caroline and others

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