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Talking Heads

Wednesday 1st - Saturday 4th November 2017
by Alan Bennett,

Directed by Kate Sheffield

This Autumn's production will be Talking Heads by Alan Bennett. It was written as a series of monologues performed originally by such as Maggie Smith and Patricia Routledge. We are to perform three from the first series.

Each one tells a story from the character's own point of view, of the people and situations which surrounds him or her. The story telling defines each personality and the opinions and attitudes each holds.
As observers, we can see both humour and tragedy and a distinct picture of both the speaker and those spoken of.

A Bunch of Amateurs

Tuesday 20th - Sat 24th February 2018
by Ian Hislop & Nick Newman,

Directed by Nigel Rowe

Jefferson arrives in Stratford to take the lead in “King Lear" to revive his flagging career dominated by 2nd rate action movies.

He thinks he is coming to the RSC in Stratford upon Avon but finds himself in sleepy Suffolk with a bunch of amateurs.

What ensues is an unravelling of his reputation leading to a reconciliation with his neglected daughter and a growing admiration for the professionalism of this happy band of amateurs.


Auditions will be held on Tuesday 16th October 2017 at the theatre at 7.30pm when there will also be a read-through.


4 Female, 3 Male
  • Jefferson Steel; Older age group must be able to hold an American accent.
    Portrayed as an arogant, egotistical actor, but insecure and vunerable.
  • Dorothy Nettle; Unflappable though somewhat shy yet with a steely determination.
    Younger than Jefferson though middle aged
  • Jessica Steele; Has to pass as Jefferson’s daughter so age group 16-25 ish.
    Able to hold American accent. Is not daddy’s sugar girl and has a very strong will
  • Nigel Dewberry; Middle aged though younger than Jefferson.
    Pompous and very self assured also sees himself as Dorothy’s suitor.
  • Mary Plunkett; Owner of the village B&B full of life and worships the ground Jefferson walks on.
    Requires local dialect
  • Dennis Dubbins; Middle aged village handyman, able to hold local dialect
  • Lauren Bell; Around 30ish former physiotherapist and smarter than she comes across. Well spoken

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Awards and Nominations

We were delighted to receive two very prestigious awards from the North Essex Theatre Guild at their 2015 awards evening in September.

The Doris Griffith Memorial Cup for Best Production, ‘RolePlay’, was collected by the director, Val Taylor and the Best Actress in a drama, award went to Alison Baker for her wonderful portrayal of Julie-Ann in that same production.

Previous Awards

The Manifest Theatre has been nominated and collected several awards during the history of the group. See the full list here -->

Our Productions

Although an amateur group we pride ourselves on our professional approach and are dedicated to achieving high standards in all our productions.

Our enthusiastic and talented cast and crew have won many awards over the years; most recently the  Noda Award for Technical Achievement for the set from the production of Dead Guilty, Glyn Hill’s first full Manifest production. Well done to all those involved.

We aim for three productions a year - usually a Comedy, a Straight Play and a Musical (although this can vary). We use different Directors/Producers for each production as well as a Stage Manager and a hard-working team of Lighting, Sound, Make-up and Wardrobe technicians.