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The Match Girls

By Bill Owen and Tony Russell

Tuesday 23rd to Saturday 27th October

The Matchgirls musical is a political story of women's empowerment and is quite relevant this year as it is 100 years since the suffragette movement made a difference for women. It focuses on the lifestyle of the women match cutters at the Bryant and May factory in Bow, London who went out on strike in July 1888 to protest about the poor working conditions and severe health threats in the match factory. Essentially it's a musical designed, like all musicals, to tug at the heart strings. This will be a musical that will be fun to be involved in and entertaining to watch.


AUDITIONS Monday 23rd July and Wednesday 25th July at the Manifest Theatre from 7.30pm.


CHARACTERS – Ages range from 18 - 60+ years

Kate Feisty tenement girl who seeks improvement in the working conditions for the Matchgirls.
Polly Tenement girl and factory worker.
Mrs Purkiss Middle aged Factory worker.
Old Man Mature Factory Worker.
Maggie Factory Worker – any age.
Jessie Youngish Factory Worker.
Winnie Daughter of Mrs Purkiss, heavily pregnant.
Dot & Beattie fewer lines than others but involved in all the main scenes and songs.
Annie Besant A ‘do-gooder’ social reformer who encourages Kate to take on the fight.
Bernard Shaw Works with Annie at the Fabian Society writing articles. Irish: Middle - older age.
Joe A docker and main love interest for Kate. Main male singer of the piece and has some lovely duets with Kate.
Perce Dock Worker and best friend of Joe.
Bert Dock Worker, Husband of Winnie.
Tom Docker
Mynel & Mr Potte Factory Management who also sing with the ensemble Dockers.
Paula Westerby Worker
Scots Gir Worker

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Awards and Nominations

We were delighted to receive two very prestigious awards from the North Essex Theatre Guild at their 2015 awards evening in September.

The Doris Griffith Memorial Cup for Best Production, ‘RolePlay’, was collected by the director, Val Taylor and the Best Actress in a drama, award went to Alison Baker for her wonderful portrayal of Julie-Ann in that same production.

Previous Awards

The Manifest Theatre has been nominated and collected several awards during the history of the group. See the full list here -->

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Although an amateur group we pride ourselves on our professional approach and are dedicated to achieving high standards in all our productions.

Our enthusiastic and talented cast and crew have won many awards over the years; most recently the  Noda Award for Technical Achievement for the set from the production of Dead Guilty, Glyn Hill’s first full Manifest production. Well done to all those involved.

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