Dangerous Obsession - performed May 1996

By N. J. Crisp

Performed with the kind permission of Samuel French

Director - Rosamund Pettett


(in order of appearance)

Sally Driscoll Alison Baker
John Barrett Nigel Lister
Mark Driscoll Chris Mason

Production Team

Rosamund Pettett, Alan Wheeler, Derek Butcher, Bill Chapman, Roger Davies, Bruce Emeny, , Maurice Barber, Greg Garrad, Sarah Paynter, Vicki Wheatman, Lydia Neville, Thelma Rayment, Alison Baker, Viv Wheatley, Patience Ling, Steve Sadler, Hannah Harding, Win Long, Rene Hacon.

The Play

Sally Driscoll is watering her plants in the conservatory of her luxurious home, wearing only a swimsuit. Suddenly, John Barrett appears at the door. It seems that the Barretts and the Driscolls met on holiday. It also seems that Barrett is "dangerously obsessed" with blaming someone for his wife's accident. As the tale unfolds, Barrett strips away the conflicting facets of the Driscolls' life until he exits, leaving behind shattered trust and a marriage that will never heal.


Superb acting, but rather a strange play just about sums up the Manifest Theatre Group's Latest production.
Dangerous Obsession by N. J. Crisp, described as a psychological thriller, was heavy going at times and took a long time to get going.
There was a cast of only three - Alison Baker, Chris Mason and Nigel Lister. They all gave tremendous performances, particularly the latter, and by the end of the week they will surely be completely drained, having put so much into this work.
They skilfully built the tension, which in the final 20 minutes or so you could almost cut, and had a packed house completely quiet.
The production was well directed by Rosamund Pettett but I have to say this is not the type of play I would choose for entertainment, preferring something a good deal more relaxing.
Lesley Pallett

Photo Shoot

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