Ladies Down Under - performed April 2022

By Amanda Whittington

Performed with the kind permission of Nick Hern Books

Director - Alison Baker

G'day all you Bruce's and Sheila's. A Warm welcome to the Manifest Theatre.

Ladies Down Under is a sequel to Ladies' Day, which we performed here back in 2019. Both plays were written by the incredible Amanda Whittington, one of the most widely performed playwrights in the UK.
I cannot tell you how much fun we've had rehearsing this funny, but very poignant play. I'm sure those of you who watched Ladies' Day will remember what great fun and how much larger than life the characters were. If you didn't see Ladies' Day, don't worry, Ladies Down Under is also a great stand alone play.

It's very rare for directors to be able to have the same actors bringing the same characters to life in a sequel, and here we have been able to follow their onward journey. I think we've spent as much time together over the years as our characters have. Our friendships are real and I can quite honestly say this has been a very special time for us all.

We have one new cast member, Tom, who has stepped into his multiple roles with complete gusto. This is his first play with the Manifest and I'm really hoping it's not his last. I know you will give him a warm welcome.
So grab a cold one and enjoy their new adventure together.
Alison Baker


(in order of appearance)

Pearl Jo Simons
Jan Alison Baker
Shelley Lea Friend
Linda Angie Smith
Joe, Bill, Charlie, Koala Bare Rob Sadler
Tom, Ben, Shane, Danny, Bondi Bitch Tom Montgomery

Production Team

Alison Baker, Jude Hussey, Jonathan Abbot, Karen Baker, Jacqui Terry, Lea Friend, Bruce Emeny, Martin Rayner, Tom Cross, Andy Terry, Derek Butcher, Alan Wheeler, Mark Baker, Nigel Morton, Heather Thompson, Jo Palmer Steve Sadler and other volunteers not mentioned.

Awards & Nominations

The Play

Having won an absolute fortune at the races last time round in Ladies' Day, the girls from Hull head off to Australia on a trip of a lifetime. But it is not all fun Down Under. JAn is terrified that boyfriend, Joe (who left England for a new life at the end of Ladies' Day) may have lost interest in her while he's been abroad. Linda is struggling with the burden her new fortune has bought her. Shelley has frittered away her share on designer clothes and partying, but soon discovers she has very little to show for it. Pearl is going through a life-changing event herself. As their bond deepens, the women each discover something about themselves and that money can't but you love, or happiness.


Photo Shoot

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