Lloyd George Knew my Father - performed October 1984

By William Douglas Home

Performed with the kind permission of Samuel French

Director - Dennis Murfitt


(in order of appearance)

Robertson Bill Chapman
Lady Sheila Boothroyd Wendy Colbourne
General Sir William Boothroyd Allan Breckels
Hubert Boothroyd M.P. Ron Colbourne
Maud Boothroyd Viv Wheatley
Sally Boothroyd Lisa Chapman
Simon Green John Watson
Rev. Trevor Simmonds Duncan Breckels

Production Team

Val Taylor, Viv Wheatley, Judy Hussey, Jenny Rollings, Dave Turrel, Ian Tucker, Bruce Emeny, Maurice Barber, Greg Garrod, Trevor Amos, Geoffrey Taylor, Carol Shakespeare, Tracey Amos, Gill Baxter, Kevin Brown, Geoffrey Austin, Derek Cobbold, Bill Chapman, Pamela Talbot-Ashby, Heather Steel.

The Play

When Lady Boothroyd hears that the authorities are determined to drive a road through her grounds she announces her intention to kill herself the moment the bulldozers start on their shameful work. At first disbelieving, the family at length realizes to their horror that this is no joke. All means of persuasion fail. As the hour strikes and the bulldozers' roar is heard the old General enters in regimental regalia, while his old ex army servant sounds the "Last Post." Then, as the whole family stands stricken, the door opens....


After so many out and out successes for the Manifest, Lloyd George Knew my Father was not quite up to standard as far as entertainment goes. The gentle comedy seemed a real effort - and the audience reacted in similar vein. A lack of wit hit the usually well-timed cast, and bumbling, lengthy laughlines took an age to creep out of the script. As usual all the players were on form - Ron and Wendy Colbourne as MP and his elderly mother were very professional, and Alan Beckles as the doddering General Sir William Boothroyd was irritatingly realistic.
The scenery was faultless, behind the scenes: lighting, make-up and effects, were also inconspicuously good. But at times the actors seemed a little nervous with William Douglas Homes script. It could have been funnier, but the subject of an elderly lady intending suicide to protest against a by-pass across her land is hardly the most comic of situations.
sorry but it wasn't my kind of humour.

Photo Shoot

(back row - Bill, Ron, Allan, Duncan, John)
(front row - Viv, Wendy, Lisa)

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