The Miracle Worker - performed September 2001

With kind permission of Samuel French, London

Direction and Production - Jo Cobbold and Jess Boulton


(in order of appearance)

Doctor Sam Leese
Kate Keller Charlotte Brown
Captain Keller Daniel Tuck
Helen Keller Kate Leese
Martha Kaleigh Greening / Pippa Clover
Percy David Jones
Aunt Ev Krystle Nunn
James Keller James Mason
Anagnos Alex Lessious
Annie Sullivan Daisy McEachen
Viney Samantha Miller
Blind Girl Emma Vigus
Blind Girl Lucy Gaffney
Blind Girl Amy Groves
Blind Girl Ellie Harries
Blind Girl Suzie Jones
Servant Pippa Clover
Jimmie Ross Mason

Production Team

Jess Boulton, Graham Boulton, Ray Streames, Maurice Barber, Jan Mason, Di Greening, Chris Bush, Gloria Streames, Tanya Edwards, Lester Pearce, Pippa Clover, Samantha Miller, Jamie Greening, Sam Leese, Emma Foster, Graham Boulton, Rod Chittenden, Bruce Emeny, Yvonne Cobbold and team, Steve Wilcox, Kit Leese.

The Play

At another time she asked, "What is a soul"
"No one knows", I replied, "it is that part of us which thinks and loves and hopes (and) is invisible....."
"But if I write what my soul thinks", she said, "then it will be visible, and the words will be its body"

Annie sullivan 1891


Kate is impressive

HELEN Keller had an illness during infancy that left her deaf, mute and blind.
The play was based on the early life of Helen and the faith of her tutor Annie Sullivan that she could learn to communicate with the rest of the world once again.
This might seem an extremely complex subject matter for a junior amateur group, however, the cast of 18 young actors aged between ten and 16 years old made an endeavour to bring this true story to life. It could well be the last for some time from the group though, as it is losing one of its key members.

The set, costume design and use of southern soul music brought the audience immediately into an Alabama homestead at the end of the 19th century. The set design was basic but effective, allowing for quick scene changes made by the cast themselves in the small theatre.
The power struggle between the parents and Helen's tutor was demonstrated well by Charlotte Brown and Daniel Tuck, who brought a great deal of energy to their roles. Charlotte portrayed the loving mother and Daniel an obstinate and domineering father. Kare Leese as Helen Keller is clearly a budding young actress who gave an incredible performance. From the start, her presence was compelling and extremely moving. Restricted to a purely physical performance, capable of incredible facial expression and concentration, she carried this off extremely well.

The producers, directors of Jo Cobbold and Jessica Boulton are to be congratulated for bringing the whole thing together with the usual professionalism associated with the Manifest Theatre Group. The sad thing is that due to the fact that they are losing the controller of MASKs, they are to close the youth group until further notice.
Sara Cochrane

Photo Shoot

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