Of Mice and Men - performed October 2019

By John Steinbeck

Performed with the kind permission of Samuel French

Director - Alison Baker

Of Mice and Men is an absolute classic tale written be John Steinbeck and is still read and taught by schools today.

That's how I stumbled across it aged 14. I had a magical English teacher, Mr Reed (apt name), who made us read the novel aloud in class and for once non of us minded. We couldn't wait for the next chapter. Something in the text resonated with us all. We adored the well rounded gritty characters, we felt amazing empathy with Lennie and George and we were astounded at the way Crooks was treated.

Let's never forget the terrible life that was faced by those years, and so for that reason I have kept in the hard hitting language as written in the play.

We have enjoyed rehearsals immensely. We have old seasoned actors that I'm sure you will recognise and some new actors that have actually never been on a stage before. Please give them your warmest welcome as I know you, our Manifest audience, will.

As ever, a massive thank you to everyone at the theatre, from backstage to front of house crew. It takes so many hands and much hard work to put on a production. I really hope you enjoy this evening.
Alison Baker


(in order of appearance)

George Paul Reed
Lennie Brandon Hill
Candy Nigel Morton
Boss Alan Wheeler
Slim Nigel Lister
Curley's Wife Lea Friend
Carlson Lester Pearce
Curley Jonathan Abbot
Whit Chris Martin
Crooks Raf Kabangu
Curley's Dog Alice

Production Team

Alison Baker, Jude Hussey, Yvonne Cobbold, KAren Baker, Jacqui Terry, Lea Friend, Bruce Emeny, Tom Cross, Andy Terry, Derek Butcher, Alfie Lucus, Nigel And Amanda Rowe, Amanda BAker, Alan Wheeler, Mark Baker, Steve Sadler and other volunteers not mentioned.

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Photo Shoot

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