Pygmalion - performed October 2010

By G.B. Shaw

Performed with the kind permission of Samuel French

Director - Kate Sheffield


(in order of appearance)

Production Team

Jude Hussey, Bruce Emeny, Andy Terry, Derek Butcher, Gloria Streames, Caroline Roberts, John Roberts, Lester Pearse, Patience Ling, Viv Wheatley, Yvonne Cobbold, Steve Sadler and other volunteers not mentioned.

Awards & Nominations

The Play

One of Shaw's finest plays, Pygmalion won acclaim in Gabriel Pascal's 1938 motion picture adaptation and achieved further notice in 1956, adapted into the musical My Fair Lady also later a sucessful film. In this seminal comedy of class distinctions, a fussy British phonetics professor, Henry Higgins wagers that he can transform guttersnipe cockney flower girl, Eliza Doolittle into a lady of breeding, voice and manners in London's Ascot society with surprising results.


This was the Manifest Theatre Group at its very best. The talented group has won numerous awards over the past 30 years or so and more must surely be on the way after this outstanding production.

Staged over five evenings in the Manifest Theatre, Manningtree, George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion was directed and produced by Kate Sheffield. There could be few in the audiences not conversant with the story of the professor who makes a bet that he can turn a poor, illiterate flower seller into a lady, but it held their interest throughout.

Husband and wife John and Caroline Roberts took the two leading roles and were amazing with truly memorable performances. They were ably backed by Lester Pearse as the bumbling colonel, Carol Wheatley as the housekeeper and Maggie Lulham as the professor's mother.
Lesley Pallett

Photo Shoot

photos from this production to appear shortly