Railway Children - performed October 2015

By E Nesbit, adapted by Mike Kenny

Performed with the kind permission of Nick Hern Books

Director - Caroline Roberts

The Railway Children is a deleightfully poignant story about childhood and friendship; meetings, partings and above alll, journeys

Directing a play is a journey... of faith. The cast and crew has faith in it's director, ("What do you mean there's not actually a steam train?"), and the director relies on his or her cast and crew to creat a show that we can be proud of, and which will hopefully entertain our audiences. That's the whole reason we do it.

So, I want to say thank you to everyone involved in this produaction (and there have been many); the cast who are bringing this deleightful story to life for you, but especially my crew. Technical aspects are paramount in this play; that and the props and costumes you see are the result of many, many weeks of hard work and determination. I can't thank the wardrobe ladies enough for making my cast look so wonderful. And where would I be without my stage managers and production manager? They have worked tirelessly with me to ensure everything runs smoothly and, fingers crossed, there will be no 'leaves on the line'.

All aboard then, and we hope you enjoy your journey with us. Caroline Roberts


(in order of appearance)

Bobbie (Roberta) Rhiannon Arnold
Peter Paul Reed
Phyllis Ashley Adams
Cook Susan Hill
Butler Nigel Morton
Maid Diana Luckie
Mother Jenni Horn
Father John Roberts
Perks Alan Wheeler
Mrs Viney Donna Francis
Doctor Lester Pearse
Mrs Perks Roz Pettett
Perks Child / Young Bobbie Celtic Meredith
Perks Child / Your Phyllis Dulcie Roberts
Perks Child / Young Peter Albert Roberts
Old Gentleman Mike Brown
Mr Szezcpansky Mike Johansen
District Superintendant Gordon Prior
Jim Connor McBurney
Chorus Derek Butcher

Production Team

Caroline Roberts, June Wheeler, Nigel Rowe, Andy Terry, Derek Butcher, Shane Whitworth, Jazz Ely, Jude Hussey, Yvonne Cobbold, Val Taylor, Jacquie Terry, Sheena Goddard, Kerry King, Kathy Cross, Karen Baker, Bruce Emeny, George Sykes, Andy Terry, Ben Graham, Gloria Streames, Alan Wheeler Amanda & Nigel Rowe, Steve Sadler, Chris Feather and other volunteers not mentioned.

Awards & Nominations

The Play

Famously filmed, this story of a prosperous Edwardian family - mother and three children - forced into near-penury in the rural north of England captures the anxieties and exhilarations of childhood with great tenderness and insight.

As Mike Kenny says of his remarkably faithful adaptation, "You donít need a real train to perform this play ... the most powerful prop is the imagination of the audience, the most effective tool the skill of the actors"


Photo Shoot

photos from this production to appear shortly

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