Scrooge the Musical - performed November 2016

Adapted by Leslie Bricusse

Performed with the kind permission of Samuel French

Director - Kerry King

Musical Director - Patience Ling


Ebenezer Scrooge Nigel Lister
Bob Cratchit John Roberts
Harry (Nephew / young Ebenezer Paul George
Isabel / Helen Anna Maria Hyman
Jacob Marley Lester Pearse
Ghost of Christmas Past / Chorus Lea Friend
Ghost of Christmas Present Adrian Bolton
Christmas Present's Angel and the boy Celtic Meredith
Tiny Tim Cratchit Albert Roberts
Martha Cratchit Dulcie Roberts
Belinda Cratchit / Young Jenny Holly Bone
Tom Jenkins Mike Johansen
Jocelyn Jollygood / Chorus Mike Brown
Hugo Hearty / Chorus Nigel Morton
Mr Fezziwig / Chorus Nigel Rowe
Mrs Fezziwig / Chorus Amanda Rowe
Miss Dilber / MAry Bethany Jones
Mrs Dilber Gina Macmillan
Mr Pringle Gordon Prior
Mrs Pringle Sue Halsey
Bess (Fruit / veg stall) Chris Sadd
Bissett the Butcher / Phantom Roger Atkins
Dick Wilkins / Topper Ryan Maslen

Production Team

Jude Hussey, Derek Butcher, Bruce Emeny, George Sykes, Andy Terry, Ben Graham, Gloria Streames, Yvonne Cobbold, Jacquie Terry, Karen Baker, Cathy Cross, Val Taylor, Nigel Rowe, Kerry King, Martin Raynor, George Sparkes, Amanda & Nigel Rowe, Steve Sadler, Chris Feather and other volunteers not mentioned.

Awards & Nominations

The Musical

Adapted from Dicken's story "A Christmas Carol". Ebenezer's sad and hard life as a child meant that he ended up being a lonely, miserable and miserly man disliked by all that knew him. But, after being visited by three Christmas Spirits and the Ghost of Christmas yet to come he realized just how mean he had become. This realisation meant that not only was he sorry for any past behaviour but it also bought about a change in his personality. He becomes a man with a generous spirit and not only does this mean he enjoys bringing benefits to others, but he will now spend the rest of his years as a happy man with family and friends in his life.


Photo Shoot

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