Snow White - performed January 2007

By Kerry King

Director - Kerry King
Musical Director - Patience Ling


(in order of appearance)

Nanny Angelica Frageria Gloria Streames
Queen Verbena Rubus Amanda Rowe
Snow White Pheobe Day
Maid/Midwife Myrtle Chris Sadd
Maid Violet Bethany Jones
Maid Primrose Caroline Roberts
Maid Hyacinth Natasha Harvey
King Salvia Nigel Rowe
Felix Lilium Galiga Claire Warden
Helix the dog Daniel Richardson
Daisy Dock Adrian Bolton
Arum Crinitum Nigel Morton
Nelumbo (Doc) Nigel Rowe
Aspen (Grumpy) Chris Bush
Helenium (Sneezy) Alice Rowe
Mugwort (Happy) Tom Rowe
Mimosa (Bashful) Glyn Hill
Buckbean (Sleepy) Ryan Maslen
Geranium (Dopey) Gordon Prior
The Spooky Tree Steve Sadler
Voice of the Mirror John Roberts

Special thanks to The Headgate Theatre and every who has helped with this production

Production Team

Kerry King, Patience Ling, Doug Newton, Bruce Emeny, Andy Terry, Daniel Humphreys, Roger Licence, Derek Butcher, Nigel Morton, Glyn Hill, Tom Rowe, Chris Bush, Gloria Streames, Yvonne Cobbold, John Roberts, Caroline Roberts, Lester Pearse, Viv Wheatley, Val Taylor, Steve Sadler and other volunteers not mentioned.

Hyacinthus orientalis - the language of flowers

Flowers are such a delight and our lives are enhanced by their presence, people are named after them and in fact, they have a language of their own. Each of the characters in this pantomime have been given a flower name, and below you will see what each of their names mean.
Name Meaning
Angelica Frageria Goodness / Inspiration / Strawberry
Violet Modesty
Primrose Early youth
Hyacinth Benevolence
Myrtle Hollyhock Love / Fruitfulness
Verbena Rubus Sorcery / Envy / Treachery
Salvia Esteem
Daisy Dock Innocence / Patience
Felix Lilium Sincere / Majesty
Hedra Helix Friendship
Arum Crinitum Snare
Aspen Groan
Geranium Stupidity
Mugwort Happiness
Mimosa Bashfulness
Nelumbo Wisdom
Buckbean Quiet repose
Helenium Tears


It’s a long time since the Manifest Theatre Group staged a pantomime – but it has been well worth the wait. This is only the second time the Manningtree-based thespians have ventured into this type of production in nearly 30 years, but like everything else they do, it was outstanding. Although it was the Manifest’s own adaptation of the well-known fairytale, with the words written by director and producer Kerry King, it had all the essential traditional features of pantomime. There were the corny jokes, slapstick comedy, bright costumes, rhyming dialogue, plenty of singing, lot and lots of laughter and of course audience participation. In fact on Wednesday evening “dame” Daisy Dock, laughing so much at one rejoinder had to give a reminder – “we do the jokes up here!”

Adrian Bolton was magnificent as the dame, Amanda Rowe suitably evil as the queen, and Gloria Streames made a wonderful fairy godmother, while Phoebe Day and Claire Warden performed and sang well together as Snow White and the prince. Some of the biggest laughs came with the arrival of the dwarfs because that is one of the treats of a local production – seeing people in a completely different role to their everyday lives. This was a show everyone – cast and audience alike – seemed to enjoy.
Lesley Pallett

Photo Shoot

Back Row Maids - Bethany, Caroline, Chris, Natasha - Steve, Adrian, Nigel
Alice, Tom, Chris, Daniel, Peobe, Claire, Ryan, Glyn, Gordon, Nigel
Missing from left of photo - Gloria
Missing from right of photo - Amanda

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