Suddenly At Home - performed October 1982

By Francis Durbridge

Performed with the kind permission of Samuel French

Director - Dennis Murfitt


(in order of appearance)

Maggie Howard Valerie Taylor
Helen Tenby Amanda Rowe
Ruth Bechler Liz West
Sam Blaine Ron Colbourne
Sheila Wallis Janet Green
Glenn Howard Ed King
Appleton Adrian Bolton
Remick Herbert Yeates

Production Team

Peter Westbrook, Jenny Rollings, Bill Kempster, Bruce Emeny, Maurice Barber, Derek Cobbold, Kevin Brown, June Wendon, Gill Baxter, Valerie Taylor, Anne and Ian Tacker, Geoffrey Taylor, and other volunteers not mentioned.

Awards & Nominations

The Play

A man schemes to murder his wealthy wife for the love of another woman the sister, an actress friend or the au pair? Victim and victimized become intertwined in this startling drama.


With so many extravagant thrillers on television and at the cinema, it is refreshing to see the same tension created on a small stage by amateurs.
Suddenly at Home, by Francis Durbridge, has an intriguing plot to work with, and the Manifest Theatre Group dealt with it splendidly.
Under the experienced guidance of producer/director Dennis Murfitt, they had the full house in "Robins Shed", Manningtree, nervous with fright, laughing, sighing with relief, and wondering just how the plot could possibly get any thicker. It certainly twisted and turned throughout the two-hour performance.

Valerie Taylor, playing the high-minded victim, made the audience wince a couple of times with her "modern" language - essential to the character - but she enjoyed every minute. There were also fine performances from Janet Green and Ed King as the scheming lovers.
An excellent choice of play, the usual high standard of acting, and enjoyable entertainment.
Sue Wallis

Photo Shoot

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