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Tagged - performed May 2016

By Griff Scott

Performed with the kind permission of the author

Director - Alan Wheeler

Tagged, written by local playwright Griff Scott, was the over 21 category winner in the 2015 Headgate Theatre Playwright Competition. As a result, it received its premiere at the Headgate in September, last year.
At that time I played the part of granddad. The play made me think about how the ways in which we communicate have changed so radically over the past 20 years.
Indeed, the Information Technology Revolution is something that has happened during my own lifetime. The dramatic changes it has brought in electronics, computing, and telecommunications have affected the way I live and work and maybe even think.
I do hope you enjoy Tagged as much as the cast and I have enjoyed bringing it to life once again here at the Manifest.


(in order of appearance)

Granddad Martin Rayner
Jo June Wheeler
Matt Ben Maytham

Production Team

Alan Wheeler, June Wheeler, Nigel Rowe, Ros Pettett, Karen Baker, Val Taylor Andy Terry, Derek Butcher, Bruce Emeny, Ben Graham & Andy Terry Caroline Roberts, Steve Sadler, Chris Feather, Amanda Rowe and other volunteers not mentioned.

Awards & Nominations

The Play


Photo Shoot

Alan, Martin, June, Ben

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