The Boyfriend - performed October 2012

By Sandy Wilson

Performed with the kind permission of Samuel French

Director - Caroline Roberts
Musical Director - Patience Ling

The Boyfriend is such a great, fun musical with many catchy songs and a wonderfully silly storyline, what better way to forget everyday life and escape to the French Riviera for a short while, where the most important thing is love, dancing and of course, a boyfriend!
I have been lucky to get together a delightful group of people, cast and crew, who have made directing my first musical a great pleasure - although working out where to put 23 people on our little stage at the Manifest has been a challenge too.
My thanks to everyone involved, especially all our new cast members, some of them treading the boards for the first time, and all of them especially the younger cast members, who have been so keen to learn and who are putting on a great performance - Manifest stars of the future!
Caroline Roberts


 (in order of appearance)

Nancy Dines
Lucy Watts
Eleanor Colley
Liz Moss
Lauren Mercer
Bethany Aherne
Ryan Maslen
Ryan Hynes
John Roberts
Malachy Luckie
Madame Bubonnet
Jenni Horn
Adam Duarte-Dias
Lord Percival
Alan Wheeler
Lord Brockhurst
Steve Parkinson
Lady Brockhurst
Val Taylor
Chorus / Waiter
Gordon Prior
Patti Tomlinson
Sarah Tonks
Ella Smith
Chorus / Gendarme
Albert Horn
Jan Watkins
Pepe Tango Dancer
Adrian Bolton
Lolita Tango Dancer
June Wheeler


Production Team

Caroline Roberts, Patience Ling, June Wheeler, Doug Newton, Alan Lott, Gary Wilson, Derek Butcher, Jude Hussey, Diana Luckie, John Roberts, Andy Terry, Nigel Rowe, Nigel Morton, Gordon Prior, Yvonne Cobbold, Val Taylor, Teresa Dale, Ali Mercer, Jacquie Terry, Sheena Goddard, Anne Doble, Kathy Cross, Kate Sheffield, Gloria Streames, Bruce Emeny, Ben Cross, Ken Steggall, Amanda Rowe, Alan Wheeler,  Viv Wheatley,  Steve Sadler and other volunteers not mentioned.

Awards & Nominations

The Musical

The show takes place at Madame Dubonnet’s Finishing School on the French Riviera. Polly, an English heiress, falls in love with Tony, a delivery boy. Conscious of her father's warning to beware of boys dating her for her family’s money, Polly pretends to be just a secretary. Things get complicated with the unexpected arrival in Nice  Lord and Lady Brockhurst. It turns out that Lord and Lady Brockhurst are in fact Tony’s wealthy parents. Polly and Tony have shared the same secret – they both come from wealthy families. However, everyone ends up living happily ever after.


This was the Manisfest at its very best. Everything about this production was supurb and everyone who attended must have felt much happier when they left than when they went in.
The Boyfriend, a musical by Sandy Wilson, was staged over six evenings at the Oxford Road theatre and in three acts told the ususal boy-meets-girl scenario, the couple both having money, but pretending they were not from a rich family.
The story did not really matter. It was the escapism with almost 20 songs, lots of dancing, lively music and colourful costumes, all adding up to a wonderful evening's entertaintment.
Several of the cast were newcomers to the group and the majority were teenagers or slightly older, which augers well for the future of the group, now in its fourth decade, but some long serving members had some interesting cameo roles.
As well as Caroline Roberts directing her first musical, and all 23 players, bouquets should also go to those responsible for the music, the choreography, the set and the wardrobe team for producing such an array of 1920s costumes.
Lesley Pallett

Photo Shoot

Gordon, Sarah, Elle, Albert, Jan, Patti
John, Liz, Steve, Malachy, Lauren, Bethany, Adam, Eleanor, Ryan, Lucy, Ryan, Nancy, Alan, Jenni

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Act 1

boy102sm.jpgboy103sm.jpg boy104sm.jpgboy105sm.jpg boy106sm.jpgboy107sm.jpg boy108sm.jpgboy109sm.jpg boy110sm.jpgboy111sm.jpg boy112sm.jpgboy113sm.jpg boy114sm.jpg

Act 2

boy201sm.jpg boy202sm.jpgboy203sm.jpg boy204sm.jpgboy205sm.jpg boy206sm.jpgboy207sm.jpg boy208sm.jpgboy209sm.jpg boy210sm.jpgboy211sm.jpg boy212sm.jpgboy213sm.jpg boy214sm.jpgboy215sm.jpg boy216sm.jpg

Act 3

boy301sm.jpg boy302sm.jpgboy303sm.jpg boy304sm.jpgboy305sm.jpg boy306sm.jpgboy307sm.jpg boy308sm.jpgboy309sm.jpg boy310sm.jpgboy311sm.jpg boy312sm.jpgboy313sm.jpg boy314sm.jpg