Wolfsbane - - Performed June 2002

A play by Georgina Reid

Director & Producer- Roger Licence

Roger has played the body in Out of Order and had the terrors of Directing with Deadly Nightcap and Murdered to Death. No stranger to the group, he has been a member of the group since 1989 and has designed sets and is a member of the present committee and has been Chairman of the group in the past. He has greatly enjoyed the job of Directing Wolfsbane, a play which he has tried to put on the stage for two years.


(in order of appearance)

Mrs Bond Stacie Withers
Joan Meredith Amanda Rowe
Sarah Bond Caroline Newson
Luke Meredith Tom Rowe
Howard Meredith Mel Evans
Mrs Blackwell (Gran) Maggie Lulham

The Play

The play is set in the home of the Meredith's in the mid 1950's. She a sculptress and he a retired solicitor. Also in the household is their son, home from University, and Gran (Mrs Meredith's mother). The preoccupied Mrs Meredith has forgotten that she has engaged a new housekeeper. A fateful day for the Merediths and one they will never forget.


Drama newcomers impress

A GRIPPING and entertaining drams, Wolfsbane by Georgina Reid, is the latest offering from the talented Manifest Theatre Group.
Once again the group had chosen well and the play, produced and directed by Roger Licence, along with some very fine acting, kept the audience’s attention from start to finish.

The cast comprised just six people, of whom half were making their debut with the Manifest. All slotted in well, turning in excellent performances and living up to the high standard of acting which everyone has come to expect from the Manningtree group.

Special mention must be made of Caroline Newson, one of the newcomers, in the role of schoolgirl Sarah Bond. Although a few years older than the part she was playing, she was equal to the challenge, while Tom Rowe, making his first serious role with the Manifest, gave a very good account of himself.
Lesley Pallett

Photo Shoot (all names from left to right)

Caroline, Mel, Stacie, Tom, Maggie, Amanda

Mel, Amanda, Maggie, Tom

Mel, Amanda